1 Day Pistol Class at The HALO Group

Myself and a 16 other NorCal folks went to the 1 day introductory pistol class at HALO group in Concord, CA (www.thehalogroup.com). It was a good experience for most of us involved.

Here's a quick rundown of what I remember we did:
The Basics (everyone seems to have these): Sight picture, sight alignment, and trigger control.
Loading and unloading

Then we got to go shoot. Furthest we shot from was 15 yds, but it was far enough for this class. We started with single shots to the thorassic cavity. Followed by double shots (not double taps, just one shot, realign, resight, then shoot a second shot). Broke for lunch, came back.

Failure drills (two chest + one to the head)
More failure drills, controlled pairs, different distances.

One neat drill was working on the basics...you (the shooter) held a sight picture, and one of the instructors would pull the trigger. This was cool (for me). After doing it a couple of times, then you'd pull with them to see their trigger pull was, followed by them helping you with yours. I jerk the trigger a lot still
Drawing from a holster and engaging.
Type 1 and type 2 malfunctions.
Our instructors were Jim, Charlie and Kevin. They were friendly, relaxed, helpful, and knowledgable.

I think most folks got something out of this class. They (HALO) are blunt about things they don't like. They aren't the kind of people who believe they have the final answer, and that being "good" is a continual process of learning more and more. This was probably the best $250 I've spent on gun-related stuff (so far...I took my wife with, and that also covered ammo).

Due to the large size of the class, things were probably a little slower then they could have been. This wasn't as bad, since most folks had some pistol experience already, but in a smaller class we might have covered a few more things. In addition the the 17 people on Sunday, 6 or 7 others also tried to sign up (!). Next time I think we'd be better with two classes. They have the space, they might even be able to run them simultaneously.

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