Wow that was fun. We had 6 (and a half) students, all but one had an AR15.

Got there at 8, started with an overview of the ar15 and it parts, uses, history, safety etc. This was more oriented towards first timers, and would be quite informative for them, but the instructor (Mark, a Police instructor), moved along quickly and we zipped through that part. Then it was off to the range. (note, most of us didn't bring sidearms or we would have covered transitioning to them)

We started at Close up range (10-15 yds). Here we did hammer pairs, and controlled pairs, failure drills. (Hammer=two fast shots, controlled=two aimed shots, failure=2body, 1 head shot). Worked on mag changes, tac and empty/emergency. Malfunctions and clearing.

Following that was moving and shooting (forwards and backwards, heel to toe, hammers & failures). Never had done that before so it was quite interesting to try and be accurate fast and moving with a rifle.

We broke for lunch. Came back, and starting at 50 yds, did prone, kneeling, sitting, and offhand shooting. most of us pretty much sucked at this relative to our instructor. He did a quarter group with 5 shots, I think the next best was the five I did on my last try and that was 2".

After working through that, Mark & Mike set up a short course that we would run through. Man was that fun (and informative...). Start @ 75yds, load, run to 50yd covered position, do a prone shot to the head of a hostage taker (mostly covered by hostage), 15yd run to mailbox for cover and take out baddie #2 partially covered by a car from a kneeling position. Do a tac reload under cover, then cross the range (about 40yds), covering downrange as you go, to an a-frame concealed position, hit a plate on the far side of the range, then close to 15 yds and engage three other targets with failure shots (2body+1head). And have 3 dummy rounds per magazine while doing this. Oh, and Mark is yelling in your ear the whole time "Hostage, get the hostage taker! take him out! Move Move Move!! Reload!!! Keep covering the threats!!!!"

So, that was pretty cool. I think I made the fastest prone position since I dove into it. Heh. good thing for elbow and knee pads.

The dummy rounds were a PITA. But it showed if you were doing malfunctions right and how well your trigger control was (oops, there was muzzle movement). I shot better at 50 yds under pressure than prone with as much time as I wanted. Covering downrange as a lefty moving left to right (looking downrange), is difficult. I turned and jogged backwards most of the way so I wouldn't have such an awkward position to cover from (strong arm downrange and body turned to face threats).

After all of us went through we got to load Mark's mags for him to run it through . I think we were on the verge of getting pushups after that one. Loads of fun. Highly enlightening. Well worth it. Recommended if you can get down and do it.

Some pics from class (mostly course run through pics)
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