I haven't verified any of these links in a long time (several years...) so there may be more than a couple that don't work. William (Tanneryshop) is back shipping stuff again as well.

Build your own AKM receivers
Another AK receiver DIY site.
Magazine design paper
The Tannery Shop,80% receiver supplier, and all around helpful guy
Philadelphia Ordnance, another maker of 80% receivers (BAR's, MG 42, MP 40, Thompson, etc)
Pistolsmith.com, a good place to read stuff.
AR15.com Build it Yourself forum, info on AR's and 80% stuff can be found here.
MIT's online machine tech class
Roderus Custom Gun Works, a wonderful site from a gentleman doing his own incredible custom gunsmithing, including an 80% 1911.
Mini-Lathe.com, Frank Hoose's excellent site dedicated to the Grizzly, HF, and other 7x10/12 mini lathes.
Sarco, a parts supplier for 1911 and other firearms.
GunBooks.com, home of the Kuhnhausen manuals.
Yahoo! Groups where you can find mailing lists on casting (hobbicast), 7x10minilathe, minimills (GrizHFminimill), and 4x6 bandsaws (4x6bandsaw).
Little Machine Shop Everything you need for your minilather and minimill. A great place to find tooling and accessories for the minimill and minilather (some of which work on bigger stuff too). And bandsaw blades.

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